Here's some code, at last

Laurent Martelli
28 Sep 1999 19:40:21 +0200

>>>>> "Billy" == btanksley  <> writes:

  >> From: Laurent Martelli [] Subject:
  >> Here's some code, at last

  >> I've implemented a little and unefficient interpretor in tcl,
  >> that

  Billy> So what does it do?  Why's it special?  (No disrespect
  Billy> intended.)

It can do anything you want to do with cons, car, cdr, equal, lambda,
eval and new. 

It's special because the core interpretor does handle bindings or
symbols. However, the GUI provides bindings so that you can name your
functions and object the way you want. And if you change the name of
a function or object, Everything will still run as before, because the
interpretor stores functions that are already "linked". It does not do
anything name resolution at run time. Everything that has something to
do with bindings is done by the GUI. 

I intend it to be a test-bed for open-implementation and AOP. There's
already a way to control memoization (caching the result of service's
invokation). Other things are planned, such as a user-friendly
function editor that will allow to give names to parameters and use
them in a more convenient manner (today, you access your parameters
with (car (args)), (car (cdr (args))) ...), a distribution aspect ...

Laurent Martelli