Lists, Tables, Psets (Was: Joy, Dolphin, ...)

Kyle Lahnakoski
Thu, 06 Apr 2000 06:21:06 -0400 wrote:
> >MMMMmm.  You speak of VM, but DBOS not seem to have one.
> Hmm.  I've always thought that VMs weren't necessary, but so far I haven't
> found a system which doesn't have one.  From what I can see of your system,
> you have a huge VM.  Perhaps the very magnitude of the VM is making you
> ignore its presence.

If you mean a VM is a model the system uses to represent action, then
yes, I can see the large VM used by the DBOS.  I was thinking of VM in
its stricter sense: a  real virtual machine.  :-)

> >I will try again:  It would be great if the optimization of an LLL was
> >solved; a static optimizer was a solution.  Then any system that used
> >the LLL would not have to concern itself with the optimization of LLL.
> I'm still missing something critical.  Are you assuming that if the LLL
> optimised itself for the native platform, the HLL could simply compile to
> the LLL?  This makes sense, and is partially what I had intended; actually,
> though, I was thinking that the HLL would compile to the tokenized form of
> the LLL.  Same thing, I suppose.

Yes, that is all I meant.

> -Billy

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