Reflection in Rewriting Logic

Brian Rice
Fri, 21 Apr 2000 19:47:18 -0700

At 09:19 PM 4/20/00 -0400, Youlian Troyanov wrote:
>At least sounds cool ;)

Just take a look at the papers on Maude (an equational re-write logical 
language) at Take particular note of how Maude 
can be used as a meta-language quite naturally and there's even a way to 
implement full Maude from a small core subset. Also, Maude has an 
extensible module algebra specified in the language itself, which is 
interesting in its own right. All of this is described fairly well.

There's a very natural notation for rewrite logic using the lambda 
calculus, although equations make it a bit more complex. And, yes, 
rewriting plays a heavy part in my ideas with Slate, although most of it is 
behind-the-scenes, so to speak.

Yes, rewriting is cool.