OOUI - Object-Orientation User Interface

btanksley@hifn.com btanksley@hifn.com
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 15:31:01 -0700

From: Ben Bucksch [mailto:mozilla.news@bucksch.com]

>I just came by accident across
><http://www.tunes.org/Interfaces/index.html>. It is very similar to an
>idea/project of mine: OOUIs

>Basically, it is an interface, which allows (nearly) fully automatic
>creation of UIs. The application is described in semantic terms, and
>ideas from OO are used for the expression.

Yes, Berlin is by all accounts brilliant in its treatment of user interface
concepts.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing results.

>I only read cross your interface site, e.g. I don't 
>understand, what you
>mean with "reflective". I'll dig deeper, when I have more time.

You may have a hard time -- one of our problems is verbosity.

In short, a reflective program is one which can safely examine and modify

>How active is your project about abstract interfaces?

Not very.  It's a vital part of Tunes, but there are so many other things to
do first...