At Last, Herbal V, the All Natural Alternative is Available!

Pat Wendorf
Wed, 06 Dec 2000 01:15:18 -0500

No big deal, I think we all have a thickened skin towards spam by now... and
a lightning fast reflex to delete it  :)

I'm sure everyone has a good spam trap, mine works as such:

I setup a few rules in netscape to folder any mail from various mailing
lists  (tunes, freebsd, devnews, etc.) and server outputs.  Then I have rules
to folder anything explicitly sent to my address, from work or otherwise.
Anything that doesn't match the above rules automatically gets put in the
trash folder.   I've check the trash every once in a while to see what gets
deleteted and it so far I haven't missed anything important.

Sorry to deviate from the OS stuff, seemed slow anywho.

Tril wrote:

> I sincerely apologize for you receiving this spam via
> It was prevented from being sent to the list just like all spam, but I
> accidentally approved it for posting because I rushed and did not pay
> enough attention to what I was doing.  Please forgive me.  It won't happen
> again.
> --
> David Manifold <>
> This message is placed in the public domain.


Pat Wendorf