Joy, Lambdas, Combinators, Procedures
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 15:57:22 -0800

> From: Massimo Dentico []

> wrote:
> > [...]
> > The interesting thing about APL is that it, like LISP, is 
> > an accidental
> > pioneer; the inventor of APL didn't really intend for it to explore
> > combinators any more than the inventor of LISP intended it 
> > to explore lambda-calculus.

> Truly interesting for historical reasons. Can you give me
> a reference for this? An MIT memo of late 50's/early 60's
> I suppose.

>From your mention of 'MIT' I assume you're talking about LISP rather than
APL.  There's some good historical info (well-footnoted) at which
emphasises this point; McCarthy has also gone on record saying almost
exactly that, although I've forgotten where.

> Massimo Dentico