Lambda (was: Refactoring in Tunes)

Laurent Martelli
12 Jan 2000 04:57:53 +0100

>>>>> "Massimo" == Massimo Dentico <> writes:
  >> > The idea of a system > based on combinators (or Forth), as a
  >> bootstrapping system, float > around the Tunes project from the
  >> long time (see LLL subproject).
  >> I know -- I got the idea from them to a good extent.  I've long
  >> envisioned a language like Joy, and at last I can see it.
  >> Suprisingly, it looks exactly like I'd expected it to look -- but
  >> the author's done _such_ a good job of continuing the work that
  >> I'm simply amazed.

  Massimo> .. and what about rewriting (probably only a core of) Joy
  Massimo> in assembly with the usual technique of Forth? A merging
  Massimo> with Retro/Forth OS of Tom Novelli? 

Why not. But we'd have to get rid of this ridiculous `set' type
inherited from Pascal. 

  Massimo> What about the utility of such project as an infrastructure
  Massimo> for the Tunes project?  A tiny, consistent, understandable,
  Massimo> fast environment with strong mathematical basis to
  Massimo> experiment new ideas (or old ideas with new point of
  Massimo> views). It's only a very modest proposal ...
Every one is also free to use OIL :-) ( 
But be warned that it is not (yet) fast. But it's undoubtly tiny, and
I hope it's consistant and understandable. 

Laurent Martelli