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Massimo Dentico m.dentico@teseo.it
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 21:52:04 +0100

I repost this because I don't see it on the list.

I have written:
> zccap74 wrote:
> >
> > For those that haven't looked at maude or cafeOBJ recently, this is what people
> > have been up to...
> > What I'd STILL like to know is; what can these two languages NOT do? What makes
> > them unsuitable as languages for tunes? Personally, I can't see anything that
> > makes them unsuitable. They implement good reflection, coinductive and
> > inductive
> > techniques, and can support any logic mentioned in the posts over the last few
> > months. I guess what I'm trying to get is a response from someone saying either
> > 'yes I'll look at it' or 'it's not suitable for these reasons'
> > The ball is in your court guys!
> I'm reading the documentation, in particular I'm interested in the
> notion of "Behavioral Satisfaction" but honestly I'm not qualified
> to express  a strong  opinion like  "it's (not) suitable for these
> reasons".  Currently I'm looking in different  directions  and I'm
> trying to learn as much as possible.
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Massimo Dentico