Slate for Tunes HLL?

Brian T. Rice
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 01:57:16 -0800

Hello again, Tunesers.
This is a general survey of members' opinions and such concerning the close
relationship between the Slate design and the HLL 'specification'.
Basically, I propose that the basic Slate concepts form HLL-, and that the
Mobius reflection system would provide all the meta-object system that
Tunes specifies (or doesn't). The documents are available from this URL:

for now. Potentially, this could be moved under the HLL subproject, given
Tunes group agreement. Most of the pages are fairly ad-hoc, but gradualy I
am systematizing the documentation and specifications. A lot of work has
yet to be realized in the Lisp code, but then a lot of ideas have not been
clearly enough resolved. However, I will stop at nothing to make it work,
even if it means dropping some cool features in exchange for waiting for
the MOP system to be operational (and get the features later :).

Anyway, I just wanted to gauge Tunesers' opinions on whether this could
eventually be moved under Tunes HLL or should stay separate, with Tunes
developing a similar language alongside it. Keep in mind that Slate is a
testbed for some Arrow ideas, and of course I'd like to have a system like
this to work with anyway.