Lambda (was: Refactoring in Tunes)

Laurent Martelli
20 Jan 2000 02:55:01 +0100

>>>>> "John" == John Carter <> writes:

  John> The Bottom Line ===============

  John> The problem I foresee is that any HLL built on the LLL risks
  John> destroying these properties and hence something
  John> precious. ie. I would predict that for Tunes to succeed in its
  John> stated aims the HLL _will_ be exactly the LLL, but with a
  John> excellent suite of library routines.

I think I agree with this. I don't see the point to having a LLL and a
HLL. But I think we need fancy GUI so that the language can be user friendly
  John> The main area of thought I think is needed is how do you
  John> create a good type system and genericity on top of the Joy
  John> basis.

I don't know much about Joy yet, but must say that I do not like the
idea of typing systems as it is usually used. I may repeat myself, but
I have to say that to me typing are just pre/post conditions that may
help a compiler at producing more efficient code, or prove that a
piece of code is correct or not. 

Laurent Martelli