Lambda (was: Refactoring in Tunes)

Laurent Martelli
21 Jan 2000 07:13:28 +0100

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Little <> writes:

  Jim> wrote:
  >> No, I don't know that -- in fact, I disagree stridently with it.
  >> A computer language is nothing BUT a UI.  It's an interface
  >> between the programmer and the machine.

  Jim> I think what Laurent is getting at here is that the syntax of
  Jim> the language can be separated from the semantics of the
  Jim> language.  I think Laurent's further point is that type
  Jim> annotations do not affect the semantics of the language, and
  Jim> thus they shouldn't be a part of the core language.  However,
  Jim> they are useful, so they should be a "standard" extension.

That's it. Thanks for stating that with so few words.


  Jim> Anyway, I don't mean to speak for Laurent, but I thought I
  Jim> might be able to clear things up a bit.

I think you did.

Laurent Martelli