To lambda or not to lambda

Laurent Martelli
26 Jan 2000 16:25:36 +0100

I have, at last, achieved a first the step in the implementation of
OIL in OIL. I have an expression evaluator, which is about 4O lines
long, and which is almost the equivalent of the eval of OIL. It's only
almost equivalent, because it does not handle lambdas the same way. In
fact it's as there were no lambda at all, since you can write this :

        ('(= arg0 nil) nil)
        => true

As you have probably noticed a long time ago, lambda is somewhat
equivalent to quote. With my new evaluator, (lambda 'body) just
returns body. So it's the same as 'body.

So I'm heading towards getting rid of lambdas, and that will probably
make OIL a little bit closer to Forth or Joy. 

Laurent Martelli