Quick Note... Updated the Arrow-on-Squeak code

Brian Rice water@tscnet.com
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 20:35:49 -0700

I recalled recently that we discussed improvements to the theory of Arrow 
back in October, and that I didn't get around to implementing the ideas. 
The new set of code is in the same location:


This is compatible with at least every version of Squeak back to 2.0. It 
would probably work with very minor modifications in any other Smalltalk 
distribution (GNU Smalltalk comes to mind). Anyway, the specifics of the 
updates are that the CAR and CDR graphs are supported, as well as an 
application method in the graph classes.

1) Make an application (ApplyGraph?) graph class (this is a design pattern, 
but I don't recall presently its name).
2) Determine a basic system for quantification: Using graph application to 
follow one path of several, or to follow all paths "concurrently", or to 
return a graph of the resulting arrows (this was discussed earlier, but not 
to a definite conclusion).
3) Develop a basic system for infinitary / intensional meaning. This could 
be in the form of some boolean logic graphs or operator graphs that 
simulated the lambda calculus with some concurrency primitives.

I know this is a distraction from my work on Slate, but any progress in 
this area counts for both systems at this point. At any rate, all of these 
code additions should be child classes of Graph, using the usual OO design 
methods to keep things simple and understandable. (And yes, I acknowledge 
that this marks me as a perfectionist ;).

Thanks for the interest,