I found c--

Paul Dufresne ace910@agora.ulaval.ca
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 06:38:09 -0400

I found it by remembering that c-- was link to Simon Peyton Jones of
By searching "portable assembly language" I found C-- at

Sorry for filling this mailing list with not really Tunes related stuff.

Maybe I should say something more related, like
So does the future of Tunes will go by ,Slate,by Pliant or will it be by
something else?

Oh, I was asking myself if Linux programs was made in let's say OCaml,
if it would magically remove
buffer overflow exploits? I was made to think about this while lurking
on the meta-translator page,
and I was telling myself that a program to translate C to Caml
(imperative style) must be a realistic