A Language for Binary Relational Algebra (close to first-order arrow logic)

Brian Rice water@tscnet.com
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 18:20:00 -0700

Apparently, someone has implemented a lazy implementation of the BRA 
calculus, which is similar to the arrow logic I have mentioned before. It's 
based on Prolog, which results in a lot of properties which make it 
unsuitable for my work in a direct way, but it's useful to look at, if you 
want to see how arrow ideas translate into programming practice.

I'd like to see someone else write up a review entry for this, as my own 
opinion is somewhat biased. Besides, I seem to have little time lately for 
anything other than the basic research I am doing into making Tunes-like 
object systems out of existing language ideas (focussing of course on Slate 
and Arrow for now). My job is taking up a great deal of time lately, so 
please bear with me.