Diktuon, the Tunes Web Database, and Slate (soon to be) News

Brian Rice water@tscnet.com
Sat, 03 Jun 2000 11:23:27 -0700

Hello again, all

This is *not* ready for production work just yet, but I fealt that the 
amount of work being done on this long-belated Tunes administrative project 
deserves some notification.

At http://diktuon.arrow.cx (Yes, that's *my* domain name), you'll find the 
entry to a new architecture for Tunes documentation development. You can't 
edit it without password authorization (we hope :), but it doesn't support 
namespaces (at the immediate moment). At any rate, there's an overview of 
the syntax for the nodes to be entered and how inter-node links are 
specified. The whole idea is to have a strongly modular documentation web.

My current findings on Slate and Arrow will go there, and I'm doing all of 
my enhancements to the original Tunes structure there, incrementally. Slate 
is very close to a final specification, but I'm working pretty continuously 
on various things at once, including the DB.

Tunes members are more than welcome to contact Corey, the DB administrator 
for the moment, and ask for access to manipulate nodes. I'm not leaving his 
email address here. I suggest you use the #tunes IRC channel to contact him 
and discuss it there. Of course you should study the existing structure and 
way we're doing business before you add to it, so that we know what changes 
have to be made when they must be made. (And yes, several system-wide 
changes are planned.)

The entire OS, Language, and Reflection review sections have yet to be 
started, so it's a perfectly good time to begin there.


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