Surprised by Joy

Massimo Dentico
Sat, 11 Mar 2000 16:10:55 +0100 wrote:
> BTW, Tunsers, there was an article on comp.lang.forth which discussed some
> of the Tunes documents.  I suspect that some of us would find something in
> it to discuss.  The title is "more rationalizing", and the author is
> "cLIeNUX user".

Thursday,  I have forwarded  the entire message to Faré,  because
Rick Hohensee  (cLIeNUX user) cite him  from  the Tunes glossary.
This is the beginning of my message:

Hi Faré,

today on comp.lang.forth, Rick Hohensee post this message after a
discussion about hardware-based protection, the same cited by Tom
Novelli on  Tunes LLL mailing list (MMU question).  Sincerely the
apology  of Unix  irritate me  much,  so  I need time to avoid an
harsh replay  and  in each case  I need much time  to write in my
"fractured" English. :-)  If you feel like and you have time, you
could answer him since you are directly concerned in the matter.


Massimo Dentico