Attributes, Annotations, and that file named "Draft"

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:31:34 -0800

Hey again, all,
I just wanted to point out that if you do a search over the Tunes document
tree (the CVS'ed set of files) using "annotat" and "attrib" as your
patterns, you'll find an incredibly diverse set of references and
information about roughly the same topic. This is basically what I am using
as a guide for the Slate development, and I would like to see some
collection of these thoughts as well as anything Fare can add to them in
order to systematize and elaborate the ideas.

Another problem that I found recently was that the file "Draft" contains a
lot of pretty vital information to understanding more of what goes through
Fare's head (scary stuff, isn't it? ;), but it's not reachable from the
web-hosted documentation, as far as I can tell. This is a pretty simple fix,
but the information in it probably better belongs re-factored into various
documents, so I'm really making two suggestions (in series). To add to that,
lines 1351-1378 of the "Draft" (of what exactly?) are in French. I ask that
someone with Babelfish access and a little knowledge of whatever Fare is
talking about provide the translation and update the CVS tree.

It's also a little unusual the way the quotation document is placed within
the "meta-translator" project without much background information or
explanation of the terms. Particularly, if the relevant explanations from
those referenced modal logic S4 papers could be culled and made a little
more lucid (<*ahem*>examples!</*ahem>), I'm sure some members would
appreciate it quite a bit. However, it definitely adds quite a bit to the
amount of understanding one can gain from the web docs.

Finally, if Diktuon is ready, I'd like to start porting the Tunes docs into
nodes. I'll do it myself, as I already will be involved with using it and
finally can handle the bandwidth needed for it (when I arrive home again in
~24 hours).


(BTW, is anyone following these recent rants? :)