"Bazar" proposal

Armin Rigo arigo@ulima.unil.ch
Fri Oct 27 11:12:03 2000

Hello everbody,

I have been working independently on some Tunes-based concepts and I must
admit (I guess I will be flamed :-) that I find Slate much too rich for a
language to base Tunes on.

As far as I understand Fare's opinions (see e.g. the messages on threads)
the primary point of Tunes should be reflexivitly, on which we (or anybody
else) can build everything else. Reflexivity is a key point to be able to
analyze a program's behaviour at any time, and adapt various pieces of
codes to work together when an optimizer decides they would well fit, like
some application with some particuliar memory manager.

This idea that there is not one solution which is the best in all cases
extends to my opinion to the programming language : I like Slate's complex
metasystem, message-passings, attributes, etc., but all this should not in
my opinion be part of the very language we base all Tunes on.

I have been trying for a long time to push my research in the direction of
an elementary "language" that describes the "world" in which everything
"lives". The first results are here.

I missed the mailing list switches in June, and so thought everyone had
forgotten about Tunes ! I'd have written here much earlier otherwise...
Well. Anyway, the test programs I have perform reasonably well; now I am
sure I can propose this concept to you :


I guess you prefer the link instead of a long, long e-mail. If you don't
just tell. The link discusses the very basics of "Bazar", while repeating
some general concepts we all agree on; when I have time I will write with
more details how Bazar actually adresses all these concepts.

A bientot,