Update on my situation

Lendvai, Attila 101. attila.lendvai@brokat.com
Fri Aug 24 01:48:02 2001

:: I should have made some replies concerning Tril's recent=20
:: posts, but to be
:: honest I'm not sure what to add or how to respond helpfully.=20
:: I am not the
:: majority of TUNES developers, nor do I seem to be like you in my
:: development philosophy. So consider me to be taking Jim=20
:: Little's advice
:: for the moment to keep Arrow distinct from TUNES as a=20
:: development program.
:: Since they are so close in semantic nature, I won't fork the Arrow
:: notices to another mailing list. However, I'm probably not going to
:: mention TUNES when going for research funding unless it=20
:: seems that they
:: would support the idea. (Incidentally, the preliminary presentations
:: seemed to get some approval, so there is promise in this.)

its very quiet here nowadays. too quiet. since ive first read the tunes
site those ideas are maturing more and more and recenlty realized i get
sick when i code in C++ which is unfortunately my job... :|

so Brian what is the status of your work? is there anything on which we
can chew, i mean people without strong math background but willing to
play with a prelminary slate interpreter or whatever is the right name
for it.

:: So for a while, I can't contribute really to the discussions=20
:: here. Please
:: give Tril and Fare your best input to make TUNES what it should be.

it gives me bad feelings that you are turning away from tunes at least

anyways, i think i cant add anything useful with this mail so i stop
here. but please send some update of your work if you feel appropiate.


- 101.