Tunes Learning Lounge WAS: Polymorphism (and others)

Brian P Templeton
Sat Dec 15 17:48:01 2001

Tril <> writes:

> On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 07:30:43PM +0100, Alex wrote:
>> Thanks, 
>> but it  does not seem to get that Wiki stuff. Is there some way to access the 
>> Wiki pages other that through the CGI interface. I have never heard of Wiki 
>> before, but it seems to be dynamic in some way, so there surely is a way to 
>> get a snapshot of the whole thing !?
>> Alex
> wget may be heeding my robots.txt which does not permit robots on
> /cgi-bin/ URLs.
You can disable robots.txt support in wget by adding

    robots = off

to your ~/.wgetrc. I didn't find a method of doing this temporarily
with a command-line option in the manual (but I didn't check very
thoroughly, either).

> I suppose if there is interest I could create a HTML archive of the
> entire Wiki site, but I'm not sure why you would want that.  Doesn't it
> consist mostly of off-site links, therefore you would want to have net
> access when using it?
wget should work, with ``robots = off'' in the config file (it should
work fairly well, too, since the Wiki doesn't have annoying
advertisements, etc).

However, I don't think it will find, for example, the TUNES Learning
Lounge at this point, since (IIANM) there isn't a hyperlink to it from
the main page or a page accessible from following hyperlinks on the
main page; so, until the Learning Lounge is added to the main page,
try using


to retrieve it. (If you want to interrupt it for whatever reason,
later you can use ``wget -nc -c ...'' to finish.)

> Yes I did plan to post a link to the Learning Lounge on the main page;
> I'll do it in the next day or so.  Thanks for reminding me.
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