Survey - who's listening?

Brian Rice
Sun Jun 17 21:01:01 2001

I'd like to know what people think about the direction I'm taking and 
whether my effort is in line with Tunes goals. Particularly, if any 
of the project founders have any input or mis-understandings about 
how the current package is supposed to achieve Tunes goals, I would 
like to know. Obviously there are many who are not familiar enough 
with Smalltalk other than to look and perhaps get roughly familiar, 
so I understand there's not a lot of deep comprehension possible yet. 
But I'd like to know what people think aside from "wait and see."

I'm taking from Lisp, Maude, and Libra, and I'm going for monads as 
well for linear state-passing and I/O etc., so those are all good 
points but I'd like to know if I've missed anything or need to 
explain something in particular.

=46ar=E9? Armin? I'd like comments from you two in particular.