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Pietro Braione
Tue Mar 27 19:32:02 2001

I did not succeed in loading
the Arrow code as Squeak project.
Followed this procedure:

1- downloaded
as from the post titled "Proper Arrow code release".
In spite of its name, this is actually a zip file which I have
uncompressed in a temp dir
2- downloaded
which *should* contain everything for 3.1 version.
Also expanded in another dir.
3- Launched Squeak, selected "load project from file"
and then the file from the temp dir.
4- After a while, obtained the following menu:

Reading an instance of DependentsArray. Which modern
class should it translate to? (...)

As I do not know which class should it translate to -
and actually I do not know almost anything about
Squeak, neither will I until the Swiki will go up again -
my Arrow experience stopped there. Where is my


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