concatenative languages (was: selfing Self)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr
Thu Mar 29 09:33:02 2001

On Wednesday 28 March 2001 17:23, Billy Tanksley wrote:
> From: Jecel Assumpcao Jr []
> >contributors to Tunes) for many years. He designed a RPN prototype
> >based language that was more Self-like than Kevo was, and has
> > tinkered
> All right, I'm interested.  I've been looking for this kind of stuff.
>  If he'd like to talk about it, the egroup at
> wants to hear.  They discuss stack language theory, AKA
> 'concatenative' models of language, as opposed to the
> currently-popular 'lambda' model.  If anyone knows anything more I'd
> like to hear about it.

I am sending him a copy of this.

While I am a big fan of functional languages and agree that Joy is an 
improvement over FP (no more argument unpacking/packing), I think 
lambda is easier for people to learn. An interesting project at the 
federal university of Santa Catarina (southern Brazil) had the opposite 
conclusion - they felt that children learned their AABC object oriented 
language more easily due to its total lack of variables. It was a sort 
of "Logo meets Forth" :-)

> >-- Jecel
> -Billy

-- Jecel