[BUG][FIX] Re: Running your tests for Arrows

Brian Rice water@tunes.org
Fri Mar 30 16:36:01 2001

>Hi Brian. I loaded the last changeset and now
>everything works, AFAIK. Here are the results
>from the last rows of the test file.

Thanks, but the most important thing you can try to do with this code 
is to read it and especially the comments, to try to get a feel for 
what it's intended to do.

>e _ InductionGraph new.
>f _ e anyOne.
>Result: e is what should be, f is an arrow without
>a name, whose head and tail are an arrow called
>'0' (whose head and tail are, in turn, the integer 0).
>e treatsAsVariable: e graph anyOne.
>Result: false (not mangled inside e to check
>for eventual side effects)
>e fromNatural: 4
>Result: an arrow whose name is '4' and whose
>head and tail are, again, the integer 0. Again, no
>idea whether something happened inside e.

What's supposed to happen is that all the arrows for 1, 2, and 3 are 
supposed to be created and linked together over monoid's arrows 
appropriately, so that you can do simple counting up and down. I'll 
write this up for the next release.

>Hope that all this means that the last tests have
>been passed...

Last tests!?! :)
Hell, those were just the demo tests. I have a much larger set of 
things it's supposed to do and is nowhere near ready to accomplish ;) 
Just look at all the non-functional code in the SmalltalkMOP 
category. And of course there's the infamous equational semantics.

>  >If you want something like Arrows but more database-like,
>  >look up the Pointrel data repository in the Squeak archives.
>Thanks, I will look there.