Joerg F.Wittenberger <> Joerg F.Wittenberger <>
Mon Nov 5 23:08:06 2001

Hello all,

this is Jerry from the Askemos project.  I've been pointed to tunes
today and found it's design goals very simillar to Askemos.

After browsing the tunes pages for a while now I still have a question
about the status of tunes.  The page told me, the tunes system was not
usable right now.  Is the page old?  Is there any code?  And how
active is the project development - I've seen recent wiki changes, but
that's what I've been able to find.

Next I'd like to invite you to review As I
said, the design goals where pretty simillar.  We would like to share
ideas and code as much as possible - after all who want's to duplicate
the work?



For those, who don't want to go through the docs here a short cut to
an example
and the code behind it.
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