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Sat Nov 10 12:25:07 2001

>>>>> "RRBTE" == RE01 Rice Brian T EM2 <> writes:

RRBTE> should have it somewhere, but my

thanks, found it fetched it, skimmed over it.  I guess I need a better
point to start reading.  Up to now I did not fully understand the
design you have in mind.

RRBTE> documentation: I'm being blocked on that port on my end, and
RRBTE> the administrators here are very stupid and paranoid here, I'm

I know a few people who suffer the same.  Actually Askemos is ready to
be put behind the port 80, except that it doesn't yet support virtual
hosts, which should be easy, but today there's a migrine...

RRBTE> Basically Arrow is a system that models everything as
RRBTE> Cons-cells, but lacks Lisp's semantic model. Right now, it

Not bad - you want to start reading the askemos code from place.scm.
I feel there are even more simillarities than I expected.

RRBTE> implements Relational Algebra lazily (flawlessly on my own copy
RRBTE> of the code, but the copy on the Tunes server is outdated and
RRBTE> buggy - still it is self-documenting). Relational algebra
RRBTE> relates quite well to concurrent equational membership rewrite
RRBTE> logic semantics (whew! :) that Maude has, though. Equational
RRBTE> rewrite logic is just the logic of term replacement in symbolic
RRBTE> equations as an evaluation/proof model. 'membership' refers to

OK, too much.  What I would need was again a pointer where to start
reading from, without so much patience.

RRBTE> Perhaps. I think you agree with Tunes mostly, but I don't think
RRBTE> in terms of principles or separation of aspects per se (and in

Neither do I, but those came along the way and proofed to be needed

RRBT> Manifold (Tril) manages the web site. Most others are watching
RRBT> and waiting for a solid plan from us (am I wrong? someone
RRBT> correct me on this, please).
>>  As for the web site I could imagine that you might like the
>> layered Wiki implementation, which comes with Askemos.  It's
>> unfortunately not yet documented (I'm willing upon demand), it
>> allows to search for links in several Wiki data bases.  The search
>> order can be altered depending on point of view.  Use example: I
>> look at a term (say CustumerXY) from the technology view and see
>> details, from the business view and see "big reference" and from
>> the personal view and see "beware the boss".  Furthermore you can
>> include pages into each other and have several views at it.

RRBTE> This sounds really good. Perhaps Tril can do something with
RRBTE> this.

>> One of the more fascinating moments: I just added a few notes about
>> Tunes and found that it has a great context view (read well
>> balanced)

RRBTE> Heh, you gave a localhost-relative URL. :) Still, I can't read
RRBTE> it.

Stupid me, in case someone else is interested (tested):

>> Askemos defines a virtual machine at document level, wich works
>> within an abstract infromation space.

RRBTE> Document level? Perhaps you can restate this as specification
RRBTE> level, without-loss-of-information.

Ehm, by "at document level" I mean that an operation is specified,
which like result=function(state, message) -- where result, function,
state and message are pieces of information each expressed as an XML

That way we have an operation abstract enough to ignore usual OS

RRBTE> Interesting. I really do suggest you look into Maude, despite
RRBTE> it's non-SEXP syntax. I know that it certainly has an algebraic
RRBTE> (executable) definition of Petri Nets, for example.

Maude: hm, looks interesting, but again too much for now.

>> Information is understood to be multidimentional.  Three axis so
>> far: structure, context and rights.

RRBTE> Hmmm.

Somehow stolen by the french structuralists.  Forgot to mention meta
systems.  Well the rights came in extra.

RRBTE> As you can see, so am I. :) However, I will be out of this job
RRBTE> in late January, and I am applying to MIT with a research
RRBTE> project proposal. I also will be starting a small company,
RRBTE> whose function will be at least to allow me to write off
RRBTE> research expenses (which keep piling up no matter how
RRBTE> economically I run things).

The company thing can cost quite a lot, I can tell you...


PS: requested .tar mail is coming...

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