Polymorphism (and others)

Sebastian Nozzi sebastian.nozzi@jnm.de
Thu Nov 15 13:29:01 2001

Hello there,

first of all, a question you may have heard tons of times: what's the status on this project?

I hope it very much succeeds. What Tunes aims for is simply what computers nowadays should be (and maybe more). I had quite similar ideas to that of Tunes for an operating system, and to my surprise I find that something similar has already been thought of, and by by-far more qualified people.

I've read the "glossary" but still didn't understand in which way polymorphism is archieved. The author says inheritance is too restrictive and talks about Tunes having something more general, of which inheritance is a particular case. How will be polymorphism be archieved under Tunes?

Something I want to be sure of: is this list intended for this kind of questions, or it's only for qualified computer science sutff?

Thanks in advance,

Sebastian Nozzi