Polymorphism (and others)

Martin Nilsson skrjablin@mail.com
Fri Nov 16 17:14:01 2001

>I don't know who is more qualified than anyone else, everyone 
>is welcome to learn and help. I hope to have a list of things 
>that people need to have a basic understanding of to know what 
>tunes is about. If anyone has suggestions let me know. (Water 
>has posted some on this topic before) 

The TunesLearningLounge (http://tunes.org/cgi-bin/TunesWiki?TunesLearningLounge) 
that I created on TunesWiki some month ago is already quite complete, 
perhaps too complete. It aims to list only the few best (mostly 
online) texts on every topic in informatics, maths or logic that 
has relevance to Tunes. Everybody who haven't seen it is invited 
to take a look and add or change entries on topics that heshe is
acquainted with.

skrjablin (Tunes lurker)

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