Status of the project

Sebastian Nozzi
Mon Nov 19 00:17:02 2001

>I will make a status web page soon.  Basically it's "moving forward

Ok, good to hear that. It would be a pity if nothing happened.

> The organization is this: Several members have their own
>projects, which aim to explore and develop tunes related concepts by
>trying out their own ideas.  Water is working on his arrows project.  I
>have a project which I have not spoken much about on this list about
>lately.  Fare can speak for what he is doing (possibly distracted from
>TUNES participation at this time).  The TUNES project will currently
>encourage and facilitate collaboration between the various individual
>projects, and eventually one will be adopted as TUNES, or TUNES will be an
>interoperability standards group, or all the projects will combine.
>That's my view.

Yes, that's what I could tell from the projects/subprojects organization.
But at the end isn't it not the HLL project the one that will define what
Tunes is, how it will work, behave, etc.?
Don't the other projects more or less depend on this?