Psyco, a Python specializing compiler

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Fri Nov 23 15:35:02 2001

I wrote a response last week, but it never seemed to make it out into =
wide world...

> Hello everybody,
> I thought I should let you know there is progress on "Psyco", my =
> specializing compiler.
> In particular, have a look at
> where I give some =
> about how this could be used in a more general setting.

This is really great! I've been getting familiar with Python since I am
forced to write all my programs in it for my iPAQ (which is loaded with
Familiar Linux and the GTK libs). I saw a post on it to the Lambda =
just a few days ago, and I'll bet this kind of thing will really open
people's eyes to what's possible. What's most interesting is fitting it =
the existing interpreter.

> A bient=F4t,
> Armin.