Specification and Coding sprints

PB schizophonic@tiscali.it
Wed Aug 21 10:54:02 2002

Damn, I will be at conference+school from August 31
to September 14, and busy until end of September.
Doubt that I will get to Bruxelles 15. Anyways I am
thinking about spending few days in Paris in October.
Well, I wouldn't be a contributor anyways, but rather a
very interested lurker, so I don't think you will miss my


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Subject: Specification and Coding sprints

> Hello everybody,
> We (Fare+Armin) are organizing two "sprints" to try and start the language
> (LLL-HLL) subprojects. The principle of a "sprint" is to get people
> together in the same room for a couple of days with no (ok, few) outside
> distractions.
> The goal is to set up a basic LLL, which would be some kind of linear
> graph reduction machine in which each graph is a first-order object
> controlled by meta levels. Meta-level-controlled annotations should
> eventually be the basis for the HLL.
> September 1, in Paris: specification sprint. Get something formal written
> down.
> (sep 2-13: fix things that went wrong on sep 1.)
> September 14+15, in Bruxelles: coding sprint. Write code.
> Everybody is welcome. For the others the on-line sprint connection is the
> #TUNES channel on irc.openprojects.net. We'll try however not to spend
> 100% of our time chatting there :-)
> Thanks (and forgive me for the cross-posting),
> Armin.