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Wed Dec 4 02:26:02 2002


Araneida, CLiki etc. ...

may I suggest to evaluate Askemos, the redundant distributed agent
operating system.  It comes with a Wiki application (the pages at are served from that), which is based on a XSLT/DSSSL
mixture, it is going to be extened with and
possibly Scribe capabilites.  It already plays nicely with Lout and
htmldoc to produce pdf and ps page transparently.  Guys, this might
fit your needs.

I just did the byzantine aggreement implementation, so soon it will
run distributed and fraud proof without any central server, authority

One of the next steps will be to port it to guile, than the
environment can run distributed in gimp, gnucash, texmacs, you name

(Never mind the web site itself, it needs quite some work, especially
now, that the full proof of it's designed feature set is available.)

BTW: this GPL project is slowly taking the commercial route.  To
develop it's full potential, servers needs to be run by independant
legal bodies in a contract network (best if distributed
internationally).  Please get in touch if you are interested to form
the network.

Brian T Rice <> writes:

> This is perfect if we wind up using CLiki. The language/OS/glossary pages
> then just become a nearly-empty page specifying an index of the pages with
> that category. Jeff had taken a shot at this for the language review in
> Scribe, and ran into problems that he remarked on.
> > Jeff Cutsinger:
> >  > My experience is that scribe isn't very good. It's problematic
> >  > in many ways, for example the poor quality of the output (this
> >  > can be partially fixed).
> >
> > Probably is sufficient a simple type-setting language developed as
> > Common Lisp macros. Unfortunately I'm not proficient with CL
> > currently, but Araneida
> >
> >    Araneida -
> >
> > a CL web server, on which CLiki is based, *seems* to have such a thing;
> > someone have any experience with this?
> > As *output* I think that HTML+CSS is sufficiently flexible even
> > for printing; as "proof" I point out this DTP package:

Yes, I can second that.  We also prepare sometimes printouts that way,
if we object to pdf for some reason.

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