Lendvai, Attila 101.
Sat Jan 12 02:30:02 2002

:: >>> if you're willing to write a system that adds features for other
:: >>> browsers without sacrificing compatibility [with CLI=20
:: browsers] *snip*
:: >> Well, thats quiet simple with an intro-page, which has a=20
:: link for [...]
:: > Just do it - you seem to know better about it than I, anyway.
:: > If you don't have write access to the CVS yet, just fill in the
:: > membership form and ask an account to
:: Is that a Joke? I mean you don't know me, and I didn't even tell you=20
:: that im here to overtake the project and cripple it, by order of his=20
:: billyness ;-)
:: Also I don't really know anything about programming and what=20
:: exactly is=20
:: a CVS?
:: May I now add my own homepage to the project?

i belive in that people dont do harm without any point... and i mean
_without any_! noone would even start arguing with you, no fame (low
trafic site), no nothing. simply a backup would be rewritten and you
removed from the users...

cvs is code versioning system. a server that keeps track of changes made
to files... you check out the cvs tree, make your local changes and then
check in. it can be done by many people simultaneously.

:: well I would write a new faq, and put it into the=20
:: introduction/welcome=20
:: part of the homepage, and then use the old faq as a base to=20
:: grow from in=20
:: the documentation.

i think the current faq is good. there were toughts that there's no
point in collecting many enthusiasts with little CS background because
they can not help the project to develop in it's current state. later
when there will be some environmnet where you can try your new ideas...
(btw, i'm also one of these, i dont have the knowledge to work on the
core of the system, but i have many ideas how to write smarter code. i'm
just lacking the appropiate language...)

talking about the core, Brian, do you have some news to share with us?

:: I still don't get the diffrence between a runtime compiler and your=20
:: approach... but its 4:20 at night, and il go to sleep now, maybe i'l=20
:: understand tomorrow.

to make a language statically compilable you must have this requirement
when designing the language. java, c++, etc are all statically
compilable, so you can not have second order functions (functions that
process program code), and things that are only available in a runtime

i think what you are thinking of are for example the java JIT
machines... they are runtime compilers, but the code they are working on
is still statically compilable without the nice features of a dynamic

(i'm a newbie, correct me if i draw a blurred picture)