[comp.lang.functional] The world's best system for automatic programming ...

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Something to follow?

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... will be the successor to ADATE. If you are interested in working on
it, please consider a Ph. D. scholarship with 100% research time offered
by us.

A scholarship candidate should have basic knowledge of the following

* Elementary functional programming concepts such as polymorphic typing,
  higher-order functions, monads and laziness.

* Compiler design, for example liveness and dataflow analysis and a
  multitude of common program transformations.

* Algorithms for SAT-solving, bin packing, TSP, integer linear programming
  and other NP-hard problems.

* Probabilistic algorithms e.g. the Monte Carlo and Las Vegas varieties.

More information and a test problem that candidates are expected to solve
is available at


Roland Olsson
Department of Computer Science
Ostfold College

+47 69215369