the logic of the infinite

Lendvai, Attila 101.
Fri May 24 00:58:02 2002

:: > 2. My approach to programming is obviously top-down (or
:: > rather inside-out), big-picture and quite abstracted from the
:: > mechanics of computer hardware. This is a huge shortcoming
:: > for me and I would love to hear what people with a more
:: > realistic understanding of computer systems have to say about=20
:: > my silly notions. Your comments will help me refine my views
:: > and bring them more in line with the underlying philosophy of
:: > the Tunes project.
:: I think you are thinking/imagining at too high a level.  No useful
:: conclusions can be made when you are not bounded by the mess we call
:: reality of computing.

might be (lack of knowledge to comment), but i think CS needs people who
did not grow up on programming. imho it's much easier to learn the
limits of computing later, then breaking out of the way you think when
you learn computing first. i learned asm when i was a kid and i came up
from there, level by level, and i think i'm still too bound to models of
classic programming languages (khm, c like failed tries... :)

- 101.