Updates on Slate

Brian T Rice water@tunes.org
Sat Sep 7 15:40:02 2002

Hello all,

Today I've rounded up many of the bug fixes so that everything loads
properly, and documented much of the basic use of the system on the web
site. The rest is still mostly contained in the source files, however, but
is mostly similar to Smalltalk usage for the libraries for now.

I've also added a README in the top-level of the CVS tree, and the web
site is also now stored in CVS. The files are all now licensed under the
MIT public license as well.

However, this is not an official versioned release yet, just a notice that
the configuration is correct and that following the README directions will
get you a working Slate system. If you want some higher performance out of
the interpreter, let me know, because there are various means to that,
though a lot are platform-dependent (by using various binary compilers of
Common Lisp).

Enjoy (such as it is)!