TUNES Specs mailing list

Tue Apr 1 17:49:02 2003

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 04:14:55PM -0800, Brian T Rice wrote:
> This is a general reminder that there is a separate list for TUNES
> specifications discussions. I had actually not been subscribed for a
> while, and had not noticed. There isn't anything in the archives for quite
> a while, so I'm curious who is subscribed, and who is interested in
> discussions to solidify TUNES' definition through the mailing list, cliki,
> and the main site documentation. Do we still need this mailing list?

I suggest moving the discussion to if you are
going to have a reasonable amount of traffic (say, a couple mails or
more a day) on the subject of your spec.  You could also be more
nitpicky on the specs list and not worry about people losing interest in
the tunes list from that.  In fact as long as specs isn't all that is
going on in TUNES, and you're not sure which list to use, I'd say use
the specs list.

On another subject the list is for sending things to be
reviewed, or discussing features to review- which now means stuff to be
added to the cliki.  This is mostly unnecessary since people can just
put a stub page in cliki with a one line description until it gets
investigated further.  If no one objects (within a week), I'll just
remove the review list.

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