Your remarks on the Wiki

Brian T Rice
Fri Apr 18 15:14:02 2003

On Fri, 18 Apr 2003, Tom Novelli wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 08:36:50PM -0700, Brian T Rice wrote:
> ....
> > So, Tril, what shall we code and why? Max seems to be a program to educate
> > /yourself/, since you seem perfectly unwilling to learn about anything
> > else. .....
> I guess we ought to leave everything up to the real geniuses, then, if the
> rest of us are too stupid to see why we should devote our lives to your
> vision.  I appreciate your efforts to revive the project, Brian, but
> frankly, if you're going to be a dickhead about it, just do us all a favor
> and find something better to do.

Sure, I'm not being nice to anyone lately, and it's costing the project.
But it's really /not/ my vision, it's Fare's. I didn't spend years
studying my ideas; I was studying /his/. This forum wouldn't have
attracted the people involved without /him/, and the only reason I'm being
a "dickhead" is that people need to respect that, and they most certainly
aren't. People don't join the mailing list because of your or Tril's or
Marc Santoro's or even Chris Harris' ideas; they joined because of what
Fare's written. Someone feel free to tell me if it /wasn't/ Fare's ideas
that attracted them here, please.

I'm sorry if everyone's offended, but in my point of view, I'm just
reinforcing the perspective that definitely seems necessary to have a clue

> The reason I got involved in Tunes again was to decide whether I should take
> it seriously.  It's really a dozen different people with their own projects
> who can't agree on anything.  If we could all face up to that reality and
> put aside our animosity, this could be a good forum -- the mailing lists,
> cliki, project hosting.  The computing field is much too immature for people
> to agree on any grand visions.

What should I do? Let people talk about their various ideas and call it
TUNES just because they can't tell the difference? That's been happening
for years, and it never gained Fare, or anyone else, anything! You can
make more interesting systems by /not/ paying attention to our project and
simply following the links to research elsewhere, which is what people who
use the Review project do, and they rarely bother to join the mailing list
and pretend that they know what's right for TUNES. I did that for 4-5
years before I even bothered sending anyone here even an e-mail.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development