Stop trying to dissolve this project (was: Your remarks on the Wiki)
Sun Apr 20 12:51:01 2003

Dear Tunesers,

I would appreciate  much if people  which have declared  publicly of not
believing in his objectives, or that think that these are not desirable,
stop trying to dissolve this project.

Nobody forces you to share  these objectives. Nobody forces you  to stay
here however nobody asks you to  go away simply because you don't  share
them.  If  you participate  to  the discussion  and  you bring  us  some
criticisms you are required to understand, before starting to criticize,
what you  are criticizing  and then  to motivate  your criticisms  in an
articulated way.

What I think  inadmissible is this  attempt, in a  so deceitful way,  to
prevent other  from pursuing  these objectives,  trying to  transforming
this project in another thing or even suggesting to dissolve it.

Regarding Brian's attitude: I have expressed, in different occasions, my
perplexity about  the difficulties  to communicate  with him.  Frankly I
don't care of his "rough" tone, I prefer it to a "polite" and aloof tone
or, worse, to silence. These would be an attitude by a person that feels
too much superior to discuss something with "mere mortals". Instead  his
"abrupt" tone shows us  that he cares, he  puts passion in this  project
and he is frustrated inasmuch as we are when communication fails.

I  think that  the real  problem is  another: if  you read  IRC logs  of
conversations between  Faré, or  Armin, and  Brian you  can notice that,
despite the conversation  is between people  with a comparable  level of
knowledge concerning mathematics and CS, both Faré and Armin often  have
difficulties to understand what Brian wants to know exactly when he sets
a question or which is the purpose of a conversation.

Why  worry about  the hermetic  style of  communication which  sometimes
Brian has? Wake up,  folk! Because he is  the only person interested  to
this project that has the necessary competences and has shown to  devote
a constant attention to its coordination and advancement.

This  project  has remained  moribund  for years  and  despite this  has
collected a proportion of information and ideas absolutely  respectable.
This thanks to Faré mainly.

Not all these information have been organized in a coherent way, such to
have resolved every problem in  the attainment of the objectives.  It is
necessary to  do an  ulterior effort  of research  and synthesis,  but I
believe that we are on the right road.

At this point wasting all the energies set in this project is absolutely


Massimo Dentico