Maude program/spec

Brian T Rice
Mon Apr 21 05:08:01 2003

To heed the recent call to actually write code, I've uploaded my toy Maude
executable specification to my specification uploads area:

Don't take anything too seriously in there, and don't regard it as
anywhere approaching completion. If I can manage it, I'll try to
incorporate many of the necessary abstractions from other Maude code.

Naturally, to actually run this, you need a copy of maude. See or .

This is what I consider to be the missing complement of the prototypes
currently being worked on. Slate deals with run-time issues, some things
with libraries, and eventually interface issues and maybe touching on
inter-language integration later on. Max deals with a higher level of
semantics in a general sense, and maybe some persistence issues, but I
really don't know about any of that. ZZZ (which has not been forgotten)
is dealing with migration issues.

This toy maude code will hopefully become very useful general prototyping
code for the HLL- semantics at least. I generally expect to have to work
on this quite a bit to get it to demonstrate some interesting things that
Fare has promised. Fortunately Maude can do a lot of it without requiring
heavy hacking. This also subsumes my Arrows code, which I am retiring into
a general Smalltalk utility of data structures.

Let me know if this makes something more clear, less clear, or how you
think it could be clearer. Obviously Configurations are not really
specified there, so there's something to immediately bother me about.

I suppose if we actually get into the habit of releasing early and often
like this, then we won't have time to argue, and can return to discussing
real issues. :)

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development