Root project page updated

Brian T Rice
Mon Apr 28 02:25:02 2003

I have spent some time making adjustments to
as discussed earlier.

You can see in the changelog viewer what changes have been made.
Specifically, the differences are noted here:

Note that nothing has really been removed. Some apparent removals of
paragraphs are just re-positionings.

Mainly, the purpose of this was to correct and update various statements
there, as well as to clarify the purpose of the project and its relation
to various issues which are commonly raised here. I hope this is
satisfactory to the general membership and the founders; this is an
important part of the public presentation of the project, so I don't want
misunderstandings to arise about the nature of this action.

As always, comments and criticism are welcome. This is certainly still not
an ideal way of communicating what the project is about, but it is
certainly closer than before.


Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development