The new website is online!

Brian T Rice
Sat Feb 1 10:45:02 2003

Hello everyone.

For those who have not been following along on the developers' list, the
Review site, the Glossary, and Wiki have been essentially merged using the
Common Lisp Wiki, CLiki. In addition, the areas of the static site have
all been uniformly altered to make use of the new Wiki to allow annotating
them. Furthermore, I took the time to provide as much of an outlined,
structured form to the main site documentation as possible, and to move
essays and such off-site to the CLiki, so that it is much easier to
understand the technical content and differentiate it from political views
and complaints about systems we'd like to supercede. The two main
components of the Tunes site are now: - For main project documentation and development. - For building our reviews, concepts, and
educational and research basis for the conclusions made on the main site.
Also, it's usable by the community as a repository for related reviews and

Some interesting milestones have been reached, or so I believe, in
attempting to fully-specify how Tunes should work. For example, I have
outlined a meta-level architecture for the "High-Level Language" which
uses a notion of a language _framework_ that can be used parametrically to
provide the varying kinds of semantics and scalability that Tunes has
promised. This section of the documentation is at:

Although the transformation into a working specification isn't 100%
complete, everything is working together nicely enough that I'm
considering it ready for release.

In the coming months, however, it is my full intention to produce a real
working specification in conjunction with formal code to demonstrate and
exercise the model.

Thanks for your attention and patience with this project! I hope that the
project goals look more realizable to you as they do now to me.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development