Question about extensible HLL syntax

James Michael DuPont
Tue Feb 4 22:21:02 2003

--- Brian T Rice <> wrote:
> So really it would be extra information about laying out the code
> that would be "tagged" onto the syntax tree nodes as needed, or if
> an  automatic layout algorithm that someone used, the "whole tree"
> be tagged that way. The way Migration deals with it is that these
> attributes are only moved across the network on demand, or even that
it wouldn't  be  migrated, but the remote user who changes the code
ships back the
> changes  which the first user incorporates. Pretty-printing vs.
careful manual
> arrangement (of various kinds) is a matter of aesthetics, though, so
> I  don't think there's an ideal solution for this, but it could
probably be  done well enough. Does that make sense?

Brian, Sorry if you know all about this, but 
You might be interested in the VCG (Visualization of Compiler Graphs
)tool, it is a GPLed graph layout tool written in C.

I have started to create a new version of it, and have gotten all the
uglified code from the author that was not availible for years. 
If you are interested in that code, please let me know.

So if you want someone to port that to tunes some day, I am sure it
would be a nice algorithm that would translate well to a different
language. In fact, the whole idea of semantics preservation is very
interesting with such a graph layout algorithm, becuase the basic
algortithm should be independent of the names and the structure of the
graph data structure. 

Will tunes allow for algorithms to be modified on the fly to use
different underlying datastructures that basically have the same
semantics : like two different graph data structures? If so, then the
VCG algorithm could act directly on the internal language
representation  with some mapping code, or on the standard vcg graph
data structures.

Just some ideas, hope you find them interesting.


James Michael DuPont

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