The TUNES Wiki

Brian T Rice
Wed Jan 1 12:48:02 2003

Happy New Year, everyone!

Yes, this is right: is the new site, but messing
with your local configuration should not be necessary any more. There had
previously been a problem with the Bespin site configuration that made
this necessary.

As of now, Massimo and I are porting a good deal of the Review site to
CLiki. I seem to have the VM and UI areas covered, and he is working on
the OS area. But the OSes are many, so if you want to help him out, email
him and split up the work, please. Right now, only basic things are needed
like separating out the entries and verifying a link quickly. If something
interests you, you should obviously explain what's interesting about the

Jeff Cutsinger (see had separated out and
worked on the language entries in Scribe for a bit. So he will likely head
up the handling of those entries; it seems that it's just a script or two
of scheme to generate the right CLiki notation, so he should be able to
handle that. Obviously once this is done, the list of entries still needs
to be maintained.

A lot of the structure now is coming from "topic" annotations, which are
quite flexible, so pay attention to that. Some topics search by substring,
like all OSes use "OS" (case-sensitive for the main indexof them) as their
search string, but you can add major categories such as "microkernel OS"
easily, or alternatively just keep the "OS" topic and refer to the
"microkernel" entry separately with either a topic or regular link. In
either case, they will be reachable from the "microkernel" node.

Fun! :)

Something that's still a bug which Brian Templeton is working on is that
some characters are not yet legal in node names, but really need to be. In
particular, mind that "/" and "+" at least will give you problems. This is
mostly due to URL escaping and the fact that CLiki saves its nodes as
files in Unix. We'll notify everyone when this is no longer a problem.

CLiki is also using a header template and a cascading style-sheet, so if
you have ideas about how to adjust the look or function of it to suit
TUNES better, bring them up.

Later on, I will be moving some "terms of art" from the main TUNES pages
to the CLiki. The eventual idea there is that the main site should be
strictly narrowed down to the exact plans and specifications (dare I say
that it needs to even talk about CODE?), and that the CLiki be a
repository of the ideas and their basis and explanations.

Okay, that's my gift this year to TUNES! There are a lot of ideas in it,
and volunteers are most welcome to take over tasks or help out! :)

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development