New CLiki notes

Brian T Rice
Sun Jan 5 14:51:02 2003

There are some assorted goings-on that bear reporting:

I previously noted that "/" and "+" were not accepted by CLiki for wiki
node names. This has now been corrected, although the URL's rightfully
need url escape codes to work properly. However, wiki-links are all
properly handled.

I have added a "methods of migration" page to complement the "methods of
reflection" page now on the CLiki. These are new sections of the Review
subproject which will be systematized gradually.

For reference, those are:

The CLiki content will also be under a backup system soon. Right now, the
backups are manual.

Finally, the merge of useful content from the old Wiki should be done
soon. Thanks to Michael DuPont, we have converted forms of the nodes and
something close to the correct format.

Some of our code modifications will make it into regular CLiki, but others
will likely remain a fork.

Is anyone using the RSS/RDF feed yet? I haven't checked the logs, but it's
really useful (except for a timezone issue, apparently; I'm getting
reports several hours later).

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development