The LLL subproject

Brian T Rice
Sat Jan 25 13:08:01 2003

I'm not subscribed to the Tunes-LLL mailing list, but there doesn't seem
activity there lately, and I'd prefer to discuss it commonly, so here you

The last project I'm starting to address is LLL. I still need to make
further passes on the already-processed subprojects, so don't think that
this is complete. Anyway, I am re-structuring the content a bit at but I haven't changed any substantial wording,
only the presentation.

At any rate, there are a lot of half-way suggested proposals there, and a
lot of questions. I've managed to rephrase the questions in a way that I
thought was better put declaratively, and hopefully the whole thing will
gradually coalesce into a realizable framework.

Here's my question: given the recent developments in the HLL-definition
area, is there anyone here with an interest in the LLL side of things who
grasps this idea and can understand how the LLL would be a category of HLL
objects? I need to have some brain-storming sessions to develop an
implementation strategy: we have both an initial implementation to
consider as well as an ongoing architecture of low-level concerns within
Tunes both of which "LLL" addresses.

I'm starting to wonder who here actually understands the Tunes concepts
and is actually paying attention any more. Bill Tanksley and Marc Santoro
come to mind as competent guys who were once interested. I wonder if my
bringing the project to a decent definition point may be too late for
anyone involved to care any more. Tell me that I am wrong, someone!

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development