LLL subproject

Brian T Rice water@tunes.org
Sun Jan 26 15:36:03 2003

Thanks, Dan, for bothering with this. It's not really my cup-of-tea to
discuss systems-level stuff. Anyway...

The LLL project area is intended to cover both the initial implementation
of the HLL as well as the subsequent bootstrap and eventually all
low-level code within Tunes.

I have been adjusting Fare's notes on this at http://tunes.org/new/LLL/

Generally, it should not be viewed as a language, but a set of utilities
which in combination are very expressive. Once bootstrapped, the LLL would
be somewhat similar to how I envision the HLL meta-architecture and its
instances: there are a set of components which work together to provide a
whole system that we think of as a "language". In the case of the LLL,
there would be object types which deal with object-identification spaces,
memory-management, code-generation, scheduling, device-drivers, and
low-level implementation modules and encoding systems. These would be
composed into a run-time-system instance, which may have several
components in the same category running side-by-side.

With that frame in mind, we need to develop a clear outline on the website
that allows us to put together a code framework that does what we need.
However, for the initial implementation of the HLL, any system is really
allowed, although Common Lisp and Maude are my top choices. Also, a
predecessor of Maude was written in CL, and may also be a good choice to
implement with.

So, what are your first thoughts?

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development