Max 0.1 released

Brian T Rice
Mon Jul 28 02:47:03 2003

You beat me to the "0.1" moniker! I returned from Smalltalk Solutions
ready to tag Slate CVS when Embeddable Common Lisp was giving me issues
when I tried to generate binaries with it. Oh well.

Congrats on getting things together, but the CVS instructions on the home
page are incorrect, and Fare's several suggestions for the CVSROOT correct
value also did not work until he added me to group Max, so I must ask for
some correct information here.


On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Tril wrote:

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> I've finally finished the first iterative development cycle on my Max
> project, which means there's a little bit of basic functionality in each
> required module.  It has a text menu system, and in-depth documentation
> using the noweb literate programming system.
> At minimum you'll want Noweb, GNU Make, LISP, and an HTML viewer to get
> started.  More details in the README inside the distribution.
> How this relates to TUNES: I wrote Max in hopes of creating a base of
> code that can be added to in order to make TUNES.  However, at present I
> do not believe Max is developed enough, so I will continue hacking Max
> under the separate name.  In the future I may request TUNESers evaluate
> Max to meet their requirements, but for now I know it does not.  Please
> direct feedback about the Max code and documentation onto the max
> mailing list,  You will find the link to join that list
> at the home page above.  Thank you,
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