[OT] We need a language

PB schizophonic@tiscali.it
Sun Jun 1 09:26:02 2003

Brian T Rice wrote:
> May I re-interpret "we need a language" as a call for HLL definition?
Well, it wasn't my intention. I prefer not to make
such a call without having a clear idea about how
the work on the HLL is going on - and especially
having not given any contribution whatsoever to
it. Indeed, I had some suspect that it could sound
like an invitation to a discussion, but I did not
care too much. Evidently I was wrong. My original
intention was just sharing with the community
a passage of "Hackers and painters" that
amused me and my mates at office, and sending
an implicit invitation to read it (that's why
[OT]). Paul Graham is a nice writer, although
it seems that his papers at some point always
drift towards becoming an articulated advocacy
of dynamic typing.